In spite of how overheated the real estate market has become, with demand far exceeding supply, there are still some perfectly constructed and lovely homes that cannot seem to sell — and, sometimes, for good reason.

The reasoning behind this phenomenon is sometimes entirely out of the sellers’ hands, as buyers may be looking for homes that are closer to work, school, family, or are just not pleased with noise pollution or other outside factors.

However, the greatest mistake a seller can make and leave unrectified is neglecting to primp and preen the home they are trying to sell. After all, putting together a unique and detailed stage for prospective buyers not only makes them feel more welcome and receptive to the property, but it also gives them the opportunity to visualize furniture and other elements that would make the space feel like home. Otherwise, a buyer may be left feeling cold, disinterested, and wishing they were touring a different property.

With that fact in mind, let us further discuss three of the mistakes one should avoid making if they are selling their home.


While it is important to make prospective buyers feel welcome and spark their sense of creativity, it is crucial that sellers do not stage every single room in their home. Otherwise, buyers will not be given the opportunity to envision their own furniture, knick-knacks, and other belongings in some of the rooms that matter the most — such as the bedrooms, spare rooms, and so on.

Ignoring various smells

Although it is a well-known fact that many homeowners are “nose-blind” to the less than savory smells in their home, one should still take the initiative necessary to neutralize any odors. This can be achieved by bringing in a third party — someone who is not used to your home or the scents in it — to identify any problem areas and advise the homeowners on how to remedy them.

Posting poor quality images

In this age of technology, it is no secret that a majority of first impressions are made online. Take this fact to heart and keep it in mind as you photograph — or are hiring someone to photograph — your space. Aim for capturing the most flattering angles with the most natural light, and be sure you do not post any photos that are blurry or even appear to be edited, as these small details are very big in the eyes of prospective homebuyers.