Since its inception, Airbnb has warranted the complaints of many people — both who use the home-sharing service and who do not. Often times, those who do not utilize Airbnb’s services complain because of the frequency of guests coming and going near their personal homes. Additionally, Airbnb rental properties often decrease the number of affordable housing units in any given city.

However, in spite of the downfalls that afflict mostly home buyers and consumers, the real estate industry itself is becoming all the more intrigued by Airbnb. This has been exemplified by the company’s latest project, which was unveiled as an “Airbnb-powered” apartment complex designed solely for room-sharing purposes.

The project, dubbed Niido — a version of the Italian word for “nest” — is slated to open in Kissimmee, Florida, during the first quarter of 2018. Although all renting will be managed by Airbnb, the 324-unit will be built by a local construction agency — Newgard Development Group.

This is seen as being a good and necessary step in the right direction, as many landlords are vehemently opposed to tenants sharing their rentals with travelers. Additionally, this project will aid the company in regulating room-sharing — though developers have not disclosed exactly how that will be achieved.

However, they have explained that landlords who rent units from Airbnb and subsequently rent them to the public will be given a maximum limit of 180 days at the location, meaning they cannot make a long-term business out of this building.

It is also imperative to note that Niido is not going to be the only building of its kind. Instead, it is merely the prototype of a larger system of Airbnb-powered apartment complexes, which are slated to break ground and open between 2018 and 2019. So, in other words, Niido could either make or break this entire business model.

With that being said, executives are confident their plan will pan out, as it provides a space for travelers to go without worrying about disturbing their neighbors. Additionally, Niido also affords traveling families the opportunity to rent an entire apartment for a much lower cost than a stay at a hotel or resort — something that is difficult to find, especially in such close proximity to Orlando.

It seems as though only time will tell how successful this project will be. However, one can only hope that it will pan out, as the establishment of similar complexes may finally slow the rate of Airbnb units snuffing out units dedicated to providing affordable housing.