Now that springtime seems as though it is here to stay, many of us are feeling inspired to redesign our spaces and channel the brightness and warmth we have been experiencing outdoors.

However, deciding which room to focus one’s efforts on, as well as how to begin such a project, can feel rather overwhelming — especially for those who have not even considered rearranging their homes in quite some time.

With that in mind, let us explore several simple, cost-effective methods of freshening one’s home up for spring.

Air out your home

Sometimes, the best way to find inspiration is to turn off the heat, open your windows, and enjoy all of the fresh air. Once all of the bright, natural lighting has filled your space, take a few steps back and look around — the areas that need attention the most will certainly stand out from the rest.


Nothing says “spring cleaning” quite like purging your home of the things you no longer want, need, or use. Go through each room and begin compiling all of the items that are merely taking up space.

Although decluttering may seem like a long and arduous process, you will certainly feel refreshed when you look around and see all of the square-footage you have to work with. Plus, enduring such a process may even earn you some money, especially if you choose to hold a yard sale or take your old belongings to a consignment shop.

Brighten trim and baseboards

If you wish to brighten up a room without committing to repainting the walls, putting a fresh coat of white paint on all trim and baseboards would certainly do the trick. Additionally, going this route will also save you money in the long-run, meaning you can splurge on some new accent furniture or wall decor instead.

Add colorful accents

If you are rather satisfied with the overall design of your space, yet still yearn for some change, picking up vibrant throw pillows, placemats, floral arrangements, or even vase fillers could aid you in ushering a springtime vibe into your home.

Furthermore, making these smaller adaptations allows you to flex your creative muscles more frequently, as you can easily switch out your decor with the seasons, or mix and match the items throughout the year.

Freshening your home up for springtime does not have to feel like an overwhelming and insurmountable feat. Simply take a look around, fix any pain points, and incorporate your personal style into every space you touch. You will certainly thank yourself for taking a more relaxed approach, especially when it comes time to redecorate for summer.