Most home buyers begin their search online, which means having appealing photographs to accompany a listing is of utmost importance. Homes that are properly staged and showcase a bright, welcoming atmosphere through their photos are more likely to sell faster and receive multiple offers — even some above asking price.

In order to achieve this level of success, consider following the suggestions made throughout the remainder of this blog post.

Make a solid first impression

The first photograph a buyer will see is one of the front of the home. On top of that, buyers often also do a drive-by of the house prior to having their real estate agent book a showing. Curb appeal is extremely important for those reasons. Prior to having photographs taken:

  • Power wash the siding
  • Clean all windows
  • Mow the lawn
  • Prune any overgrown bushes
  • Rake leaves
  • Touch up paint, broken gutters, etc.
  • Hide garbage cans
  • Tidy up hoses, toys, benches, and other loose items
  • Add color with hanging baskets and planters of flowers
  • Make sure the house number is visible from the street
  • Touch up, repair, or replace your mailbox if necessary

Highlight your home’s interior appeal

Creating a homey, inviting interior of the home for photographs is essential. A buyer needs to be able to envision themselves in the home for them to want to make an offer. To achieve the most ideal, welcoming space:

  • Clean the entire house
  • Treat hardwood floors and cabinets with a wood care oil
  • Remove some personal pictures and replace with neutral decor
  • Move furniture as far back towards the wall as possible
  • Clear kitchen and bathroom countertops
  • Clean and vacuum all carpets
  • Remove all refrigerator magnets
  • Organize mail, toys, and other loose items to declutter the space
  • Hide pet food, trays, and crates

Master picture day

Once the home has been prepared, there are some last minute tasks to tend to on the day of the photo shoot.

  • Remove all cars from the driveway
  • Close the garage door
  • Turn on all interior lights but do not turn on fans
  • Place fresh towels in the bathrooms and close the toilet lids
  • Open all blinds to let in as much natural light as possible

Staging your home and creating an inviting atmosphere for buyers is the best way to achieve a quick sale, and even potentially receive multiple offers. By following the previous advice, you will be sure to set yourself up for success.