If you plan on putting your home on the market within the next year or so, it is imperative that you get yourself in the right mindset. This not only means making necessary preparations logistically — such as finding a trusted realtor, ironing out any and all paperwork, and searching for a new home if you have not found one already — but personally as well.

Personal preparations include, but are not limited to: decluttering your closets, finding storage units for the items you are not quite ready to let go of, and mentally mapping out how you will place your belongings in your new abode. However, a crucial step that many sellers neglect is ensuring they do not do any damage to their property — or finances — during the most wonderful time of the year.

To elaborate, let us take a better look at the holiday-related mistakes one should avoid making before selling their home.

Purchasing new appliances or furniture

While buying a new home may evoke feelings of excitement, it is imperative that homebuyers do not get too ahead of themselves — especially when deals on appliances, furniture, and home decor crop up around the holidays.

Instead, you should always take some time to acquaint yourself with your new dwelling, personally see your furniture in the space, then decide whether or not you should make any changes. Otherwise, you may end up spending hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars on upgraded items that were totally unnecessary.

Surprising the family with a new pet

Again, this may seem like a good idea while you are consumed by the excitement of purchasing a new home. However, when — not if — your new pet decides to leave a surprise on your freshly updated or spot-cleaned carpet, you will find yourself facing the additional expense of another cleaning or even two.

With that in mind, it would likely be best for you to wait until you are settled into your new home before bringing home a new pet. This will ensure you do not encounter any unexpected costs, and will eliminate the stress of moving pets into a new environment.

Neglecting decorations that could cause damage

Whether you have a live Christmas tree or are an avid outdoor decorator, you must be careful you do not cause any damage to your property. For instance, monitor the water level in your tree’s stand, ensuring it does not overflow and leave standing water on hardwood, laminate, or even carpeted flooring. Or, keep an eye on the areas where you typically hang outdoor lights to make sure there are no rotting boards or water damage. This will give you enough time to address any issues prior to showing or putting your home on the market.