Paul Kraaijvanger

Real Estate Professional

Paul Kraaijvanger is an experienced San Francisco-based Real Estate Developer and Property Manager and founder of Real Equity Group One LLC. Paul Kraaijvanger got his start in San Francisco in 2008, just as the United States was entering one of the deepest recessions in modern history – caused ironically by an overinflated national real estate market. Real Equity Group One LLC has focused primarily on the rehabilitation and repositioning of multi-unit properties and single family homes. Looking towards 2017, Real Equity Group One LLC is also pursuing new construction projects.

Real Estate Requires:




Local Knowledge


Due Diligence


Number Crunching

Originally from the Netherlands, Paul Kraaijvanger came to the United States in 1981 with real estate in his blood. His grandfather was a well-known Dutch architect whose firm was asked to help rebuilt Rotterdam after the devastation of Word War II. Other uncles followed in his path and the Kraaijvanger family’s firm continues to design unique buildings to this day.

Throughout the two decades Paul Kraaijvanger has already spent in the industry, he has gleaned that the real estate market is imperfect, meaning that some properties sell below market value and some sell above market value — sometimes without a rhyme or reason. Finding the right deals means looking at hundreds, all for the sake of establishing a sense of value and spotting an opportunity that is difficult to pass up on. Success in the real estate industry also requires local knowledge, due diligence and crunching the numbers. For Paul Kraaijvanger, additional coursework in real estate valuation Berkeley extension helped hone those skills.

Passion For Real Estate

On Paul Kraaijvanger‘s first project, he was fortunate to meet an incredible general contractor who has continued to work on all of Real Equity Group One LLC’s projects to this day. Paul Kraaijvanger approaches each project as its own startup and mini-business. A typical project lasts around two years and encompasses a wide range of challenges — from the acquisition of the project, drafting the plans, and obtaining the necessary permits to securing the financing, picking the finishes to finally exiting from the project with the right brokerage firm. Needless to say, each of Paul Kraaijvanger‘s projects run a full business life cycle.




San Francisco
San Francisco is currently one of the most expensive cities in the United States. Affordability is at an all-time low and, because of building codes and other real estate-related roadblocks, there seems to be no end in sight. With that in mind, Paul Kraaijvanger and his company, Real Equity Group One LLC have dedicated their time and resources to upgrading both older multi-unit properties and single-family homes with modern amenities. Paul Kraaijvanger and his company also achieve the mission of improving the San Francisco community by converting once-neglected garages and basement spaces into stunning residential units.




A graduate of Tufts University, Paul Kraaijvanger holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and International Relations. Several years later, Paul was inspired to continue his education for the benefit of his long-term career. Because of this, he went on to attend Thunderbird School of Global Management, where he earned his Master’s Degree in Business Administration.



Outside of his professional endeavors, Paul Kraaijvanger is passionate about a wide range of causes both inside and outside of the San Francisco community, including the Vital Voices organization which invests in women leaders who improve the world.


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